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Coaching Development

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Joined: 16 Oct 2007
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Location: ireland

PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2007 3:55 pm    Post subject: Coaching Development Reply with quote

Hi to all.

My name is Colin Buckley.
I have been nominated Coaching Development Officer for 2008.
My personal goal is to help in the development of Irish Weightlifting.

My 1st goal is to increase the awareness and benefits of weightlifting exercises, primarily the snatch, clean and jerk and the associated exercises.
We are all too aware of the “old wives tales” and misconceptions about Weightlifting

As an organisation how far have travelled?
1. Working in association with the I.R.F.U. in developing a level 1 course.4 course have been completed to date. Level 2 course during 2008
2. Setanta College, H.E.T.A.C. qualification all participants to have a Level 1 before completion of modules. ( 120 students by the end of 2008 )
3. Weighttraining for Sport F.E.T.A.C. qualification 08 (I.A.WL.A level 1 recommended for all participants)
4. Nov 3rd Waterford Sports Partnership – Workshop, Weightraining for Sport
(Also how weightlifting exercises can benefit Sport)

The above courses are self-funding with a large surplus that could be used for more regular training camps, training equipment (Dartfish, Fitnodyne etc). subject to the approval of our Executive Committee

With all the Participants we have a duty to welcome these coaches into our organisation and encourage them to promote our sport.
Also it gives us an opportunity for extra training venues.
Mallow in County Cork is a great example. They have successfully organised a Sports Partnership Grant to set up a Weightlifting Club, and the bonus – its on a ground floor with plenty of room for training.

Martin Zawiega, the German National Youth Coach (and ex Olympic medallist) will be in Ireland for the I.R.F.U. Level 2 course. He has agreed to run a training seminar and workshop for us in Limerick during the year.(end of June approx, dates to be finalised).

Next Level 1 Coaching Courses
University of Cork 1st and 2nd December 07
I.R.F.U. Feb 08
Lets organise one for Belfast in 08.)

Finally, if anyone has any ideas with regards to the development of our sport, please post them and I will make sure that our Executive Committee will have them for their monthly meetings.(last Wednesday of the month).

Colin Buckley
Coaching Development Officer
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Eamonn Flanagan
85kg lifter

Joined: 10 Jan 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2007 5:46 pm    Post subject: coaching Reply with quote

Colin that is great that there will be a level 2 course sometime soon. If you even know a tentative date could you let us know?
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Joined: 16 Oct 2007
Posts: 3
Location: ireland

PostPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2007 2:51 pm    Post subject: Level 2 Reply with quote


A level 2 course in resistance training for I.R.F.U. Provincial Conditioning Coaches is scheduled for 08.
Weightlifting Section Course dates. 9th,10th Feb
24th May
28th June
Weightlifting Course guidlines listed below.
For the coaches on this course if they want to apply for a I.A.WL.A Certification they will either have to coach a lifter for competition or compete themselves. Thus, increasing our membership and lifters

(If have any questions, feel free to contact me )


Training to train phase

Level 2 “Club Coach”
The Club Coach will have achieved at least an “intermediate” degree of competency. Coaches must be actively coaching an I.A.WL.A competitive lifter. Be willing to submit a training log for this lifter, outlining training loads.
For the purpose of this document the following definitions apply. A “complex” coaching situation has the following characteristics:

· the performance factors are not well-defined
· the coach bears complete responsibility
· the consequence of error is significant
· the coach is expected to be at the cutting edge of knowledge and practice
· the coach is expected to produce innovative and novel responses to the demands of the situation
· objectives are long-term.

Level 2 Course Delivery Guidelines

“Club Coach”
It is sincerely hoped that once coaches have completed the level 1 course “Novice Coach” they continue to coach. In developing this course we have combined the proven teaching and training methodology from the sport of weightlifting along with the experience of working with the National Coaching and Training Centre (N.C.T.C.) Our hands-on approach to learning ensures the coach gains a more thorough understanding of the complexities and the difficulties of learning and teaching these lifts. This experience along with the knowledge gained into the areas of programme design and practical considerations provide the coach with a comprehensive foundation to successfully implement this training for “Club Level”. Re-certification 2 years

Guidelines incorporate Level 1. More specifically:

· Teach lifters to exert “maximum” force stability and balance throughout all execution of the various phases
· Understand and appreciate the fundamentals of good, efficient weightlifting technique
· Develop a model of efficient weightlifting technique by which to evaluate their lifters
· Understand and appreciate the biomechanical principles upon which the recommended technique is based
· Develop an ability to assess a lifters individual technique
· Identify and correct common faults and provide appropriate feedback
· Teach and correct the skills of assistance exercises
· Understand the qualities of hypertrophy, strength and power and how to asses and develop them
· Understand “proprioception” and how to assess and develop it
· Understand the role of plyometric training in the development of power
“stretch-shortening cycle”
· Discuss factors that surround females involved in weightlifting
· Weightlifting and young lifters “young lifters are not small adults”
· Produce a yearly training programme for a lifter.
· Written exam
· Continual assessment during the year
· Introduction to Refereeing
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Eamonn Flanagan
85kg lifter

Joined: 10 Jan 2007
Posts: 348

PostPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2007 5:16 pm    Post subject: thanks Reply with quote

Thanks for all the info Colin.

That is a great idea that to become IAWLA certified they will have to coach an athlete at competition.
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